His Sensei อาจารย์

Ben has many teachers that shape the way he is today. Serveral of them are still relevant to his current interests. To express his gratitude, he give his credit to those teachers.

Nobody could teach, blame or criticised you except your teacher, your sensei, or whatever you call it. He is the one you bias toward(respect). You become more open to his idea. Let's someone be your sensei is like forking a repo. If you want the same result, you have to execute the code. If you want to go beyond, you have to understand the logic and subtleties of implementation.

Ajahn Jayasaro

Mindfulness is not simply a matter of a non-judgemental present moment awareness. It involves an awakening to context, consequences, meaning and purpose.

--Ajahn Jayasāro

He is my ultimate philosopher. He is able to convey me the reasoning-based concepts about buddhism and my life seamlessly. His teachings also feature very up-to-date and international.

Mr. S.N. Goenka (Died)

I attended one of his meditation branch. Then, I finalised that his taught would be the most suitable way for me to practice meditation and reaching enlightenment.

Sensei Jeremy Howard

So deep learning is this extraordinary thing. It's a single algorithm that can seem to do almost anything,

-- Jeremy Howard at TED talk

He is the founder of fast.ai. He taught me the most comprehensive and intuitive deep learning.

Inspiration Guys

Ryuichi Sakamoto

His pieces said it all. Just listen to any of them to understand what better explain by tune.

We humans say [the piano] falls out of tune. But that’s not exactly accurate. Matter is struggling to return to a natural state.

-- Ryuichi Sakamoto, What Is the Legacy of Ryuichi Sakamoto?

Bruce J. Flatt

His ideas of investment line up with me so well.

We not try to limit the amount of mistakes, we try to limit the effect of what mistakes we make are.

-- Bruce J. Flatt "Durable Principles for Real Asset Investing" | Talks at Google